Stormtroopers Invade Weird Al Concert

(photo by Bob DeSimone)

A recent concert review in New York Magazine reveals that our favorite comedian/singer/curly-haired god — Weird Al — invited the Empire City Garrison of the 501st Legion which included a Darth Vader, two sandtroopers and 10 stormtroopers to come up on stage with him — impressing fans including this music critic!

The evening’s undeniable highlight was the half-hour mash-up of Al’s best-loved song parodies — yep, he played “Eat It.” “Amish Paradise” too — culminating in “The Saga Continues,” his Star Wars–themed version of Don McLean’s “American Pie,” for which he was flanked by Darth Vader and eight dancing Stormtroopers. Even some girls enjoyed it!

Read the full review here:
‘Weird Al’: Still Great! (via New York Magazine)

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4 Responses to Stormtroopers Invade Weird Al Concert

  1. Jeremiah says:

    Al also had members of the Alpine Garrison on stage when he was in Salt Lake a couple of weeks ago.

  2. collinevan says:

    That’s truly white and nerdy (hence the white Stormtrooper outfits). I wish I had the dolla bills to get me my own Stormtrooper get up.

  3. Shada says:

    Isn’t the song called “The Saga Begins”? hehe ;p

  4. clone124 says:

    The Saga Begins is one of Al’s best, the man has so much energy in concert. Its nice to see a nerdy guy make good,
    PS. Is that my 1967 chevy on the cover?

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