R2-D2 Pinhole Camera

Make your own R2-D2 pinhole camera with these simple instructions I’ve posted on Flickr. I was initially inspired by Bre Pettis who hosts the Weekend Projects Vlog for MAKE magazine. Pettis gives his viewers a step-by-step video guide on how to construct their own pinhole camera here: Make Video Podcast: Weekend Projects – Make a Pinhole Camera and Darkroom

I took those basic instructions and gave it a Star Wars twist by making the pinhole camera look like R2-D2. It’s a fun project for kids and adults who not only want to make something cool from an old oatmeal container, a soda can, electrical tape and some paint, but it’s a terrific way to learn how a camera works and take dreamy photos.

Here’s the Flickr set:
Make an R2-D2 Pinhole Camera
(This craft can also be found in Star Wars Insider magazine – Issue 91).

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