MacFarlane: He’s the real “Family Guy”

“Family Guy” creator and executive producer Seth MacFarlane talks with Chicago Tribune about his upcoming projects and the new season of his hit animated show including the upcoming Star Wars tribute — “Family Guy: Blue Harvest.”

Q. Why a Star Wars spoof for the season opener?
We’d done a lot of Star Wars” gags in the past — so many that we eventually had to start getting the approval of Lucasfilm. And they were so generous and so willing to let us play around with those characters that we approached them last year and asked if they’d ever be open to us doing a full episode … And they said yes. So it’s essentially the original Star Wars movie, from start to finish, with the “Family Guy” characters playing the parts.

And it really ended up becoming not only a very funny episode, but a visually impressive episode — we have a lot of computer-generated imagery and a lot of very complex camera work to really capture the flavor of the movie itself. If it looks good and is visually impressive, the jokes are going to be that much funnier.

Read the full interview here:
MacFarlane: He’s the ‘real’ ‘Family Guy’

Don’t forget to tune into FOX on Sept. 23 for the one-hour special.

Stay tuned to for more “Family Guy: Blue Harvest” coverage.

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  2. aaron says:

    i love family guy it is funny and best thing i have seen it is hilaris and very brilant i would like to be a writer of the family guy i have all of the family guy dvd s and i am 15 years old

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