DIY Cuddly Yoda Doll

Using his own illustrated Star Wars alphabet, fan and blogger Neil Baker makes a Yoda doll for a little Padawan’s birthday using fleece, polyfill, and other materials.

Make one too using his instructions here:
The Yoda Project

And don’t forget to check out another cool Yoda Doll tutorial on here:
Make This Yoda Doll, You Must!


9 Responses to DIY Cuddly Yoda Doll

  1. jkthunder says:

    nob01 continues to blow me away with his bottomless bucket of creativity!

  2. zachstarwalker says:

    for crying out loud nob stop taking all the fame. there is other people in the world too.

  3. Awesome; really well done

  4. “Cuddly I have become. And cute. *cough, cough, cough* When stuffed with fleece, polyfill, and other materials, look as good you will not !”


  5. Stooge says:

    All right Neil! Kudos!

  6. nob01 says:

    Thanks, chaps!
    Oliver had better bloody appreciate all this when he’s older – LOL.

  7. […] at the Star Wars Blog points us to Neil Baker’s cuddly yoda sofite tutorial where the design is based off his own […]

  8. Gregory says:

    Don’t worry Neil, Oliver appreciates his new Yoda. Yoda is his favorite, you know.. that is what he’ll be for Halloween this year. 🙂

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