Send R2-D2 to the Moon?

According to a recent post on Wired News:

Google will award $20 million to the first private team to put a robot on the moon, the company and the X Prize Foundation announced at Wired NextFest in Los Angeles Thursday. Members of the public will also get the chance to send digital mementos to the moon. In this advance from the October issue of Wired magazine, contributing editor Spencer Reiss explains what’s behind the Google Lunar X Prize, and what it will take to win it.

Read all about it here:
Google Sponsors Lunar X PRIZE to Create a Space Race for a New Generation

I’m looking at you R2 Builders! HINT HINT

Wired News,,

2 Responses to Send R2-D2 to the Moon?

  1. Nick says:

    Right I’m off to the shed.

  2. zachstarwalker says:

    so this is why the poll has artoo in top position. i say they put one of the originals up there permanetly. or is it too sacred to us fans.

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