Meanings Behind The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull?

Harvard lecturer explains possible role of fictional skulls in fourth Indy film: Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

Professor of archeology, expert on Mesoamerican cultures (particularly Mayan civilization), scholar of Aztec writing, and, shall we say, obtainer of rare antiquities, Dr. Marc Zender is something of an authority on the skulls — and has a lot more insight into the meaning of the film’s title than his comment above might indicate.

“It is said that when [High Priest of the Maya] willed death with the help of the skull, death invariably followed,” Zender said. “For anyone who believed this story, then, the crystal skull was a grim and deadly artifact, exactly the kind of thing that Indy would go searching for.

“But a funny thing happened on the way to the present New Age movement,” Zender laughed, saying the artifact somehow morphed from a device of doom into “an airy-fairy vehicle for harmonic convergence,” which can amplify and focus psychic abilities. “People are able to gaze into the eyes of the crystal skull and see these scenes — to either read the past with great clarity or predict the future.”

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  1. Gabe says:

    I personally love the title! 🙂 Can’t wait!!!

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