Star Wars Galaxies Helps to Build Real Homes

The loyal community of Star Wars: Galaxies MMO put gaming to an even greater good when they teamed up with Habitat for Humanity.

In the game, a surplus of abandoned player-created houses and buildings were clogging up the landscape, and the player asked for a bit of “urban renewal.” So the houses were marked “condemned” and scheduled for demolition via a TIE fighter Blitzkrieg.

Sony Online Entertainment VP of Development John Blakely saw the opportunity to bridge the gap between virtual and real housing by offering to match the number of houses demolished with a donation to the charity Habitat for Humanity.

“Using the money we raised blowing-up virtual houses and buildings to help build real homes was a no-brainer for us,” said Blakely. “Austin Habitat for Humanity has done incredible work in the community, helping people find good homes, and our whole studio wanted to contribute to their efforts.”

Read all about it here:
Abandoned Star Wars: Galaxies Housing Gets Real

2 Responses to Star Wars Galaxies Helps to Build Real Homes

  1. Ehope says:

    Actually…from a Star Wars Galaxies player point of view, there was no connection between the in game house pack up and Habitat for Humanity.

    Players were not informed that the in game event had any effect other than reducing clutter on the servers.

    Perhaps in the future, SOE will invite the players to participate in a charity event. For this however, they did not.

    I do applauder the employees of SOE that had the opportunity to be involved.

    More thoughts on this topic are posted on my Star Wars Blog:

  2. alonso says:

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