Build Your Own Gonk Droid

Some fans say Gonk the Power Droid is an out-dated, useless hunk of metal, I say he’s the unsung hero of the saga. Either way, now you have a chance to make your own Gonk to sit around the house or keep you company as you work at your desk.

Total construction time was about 8 hours. My Gonk has working lights in the faceplate. I used Radio Shack switches and lights. I worked on the wiring while the paint was drying. I will include what I did to get the lights to work but you don’t need to do that for yours. This was a very easy and fun project.

Check out the DIY Gonk instructions here.


4 Responses to Build Your Own Gonk Droid

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  2. José Fiúza says:

    The instructions aren’t “full”… 😉

    Lots of the pics are missing.

  3. bonniegrrl says:

    I know that you can email the guy who runs that page with any questions you might have about the project… 😉

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