Tiny Star Wars Novel: Look at the Size of That Thing!

This hand-crafted item was found in a hobby store in California specializing in miniature items for doll houses. It is a tiny copy of the Shadows of the Empire paperback, with front, back and spine, and printed interior pages. Now your Star Wars action figures can read about their Expanded Universe adventures.




22 Responses to Tiny Star Wars Novel: Look at the Size of That Thing!

  1. Dunc says:

    Poor dollies, subjected to reading SOTE. 😦

  2. tekriter says:

    Gives a new meaning to reading glasses.

  3. Shouldn’t it be called Shadows of the Impire?


  4. José Fiúza says:

    Waddya know? A 3,24″ book! 😀

  5. José Fiúza says:

    Sorry: a 3,25″ book :\

  6. Any idea how old it is or the date it was printed?

  7. José Fiúza says:

    It must be newer than 1996 (when the 1:1 book first came out) 😉

    And I completely got the scale wrong (again): 3.75 inches is the CORRECT scale it’s in. OK, or 3 374″…

  8. bonniegrrl says:

    very cool! Imagine how much harder my You Can Draw Star Wars book would be at that size! Hey that’s an idea!

  9. Ben says:

    Is it First Print? (ha!)

  10. Alta Iagffa says:

    Must be the Reader’s Digest condensed version.

  11. ash_wednesday says:

    I wander how they did that?

  12. Starfire324 says:

    You mean that it’s a complete book!? It must be abridged, though you’d probably still have to use a microfilm viewer to read it.

  13. Now my dolls can be just as nerdy as me.

  14. Lara says:

    What will they think of next? I want to read it too… Hehe

    Can they do the original Star Wars novel the same way?

  15. jason Guil says:

    Light reading!

  16. Ahmad says:

    Cool. It’s is tiny enough to go into a star wars lego film I was planning. Now olny to get my hands on it without getting those dolies.

  17. Milton Jr. says:

    And dont forget it: You and your action figures can watch “Shadows of the Empire” full history, fan film with action figures. Download the movie with 1h40m. Its free: http://www.shadowsfanfilm.com.br
    And you can watch the new fan film: “Galactic Heroes in Action”. I am so sorry, because AtomFilm didnt accept this fan film to Star Wars fan film challenge. Is it because are brazilian movies? I love Star Wars like any other fan. Maybe one day I work and live in US….

  18. Lora says:

    Wow! that’s amazing. espexially that the actually has printet INSIDE the book. the front and back shouldn’t be to hard with the right equipment. It’s just like the tiny bunbook in Jostien Gaarders book.(Don’t know the english translation of Kabale mysteriet).
    Now that would be something to add to my book collection, without taking up all my space. lol

  19. Patrick says:

    Looks like something you’d find in a diorama from The Miniature Killer on CSI.

  20. Stacey says:

    How funny! I’m working on a bibliography on miniature books as I read this… well I should be, instead I’m reading blogs. Maybe it’s a sign to get back onto track, young padawan. Lol.

  21. bLOOP says:

    AAAAAAh! Tiny!

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