“Doctor Who” K-9 Craft

The same year R2-D2 made his debut in 1977, another sassy droid companion hit the small screen of the sci-fi cult classic “Doctor Who.” His name was K-9. He looked a little like Gonk crossed with a dog, and he had lasers in his nose!

Now you can make your own K-9 creation out of foamboard, paper clips, silver paint, 9V battery and a glue gun thanks to DadCanDo.com!

To make your K-9 you really need to use foamboard, and to finish it off a hyper-bright red LED for the eyes, but these are not big hurdles, because you can easily and cheaply buy both on-line from various merchants.

This model was made extra tricky because my son wanted it to be the same scale as the TARDIS. Even though the TARDIS was quite big, K-9 is still a small model, and a whole lot of new issues come with making a small model. If you build a bigger one, why not build it over the base of a cheap remote control car. Foamboard is very light and most remote control cars have their rechargeable battery compartment door on their underside anyway. All you need to do is build your body to replace the car’s body and hey presto, you have rejuvenated an old toy and made something really cool, a radio controlled K-9.

Get the full instructions here:
Make a K-9


3 Responses to “Doctor Who” K-9 Craft

  1. Gweniveve says:

    I absolutely love Doctor Who, Especially K-9!!!!!!


  2. mark newbold says:

    In Vegas checking my email and saw this. Bless you Bonnie for making the second best robot ever! How cool you remember (meeting a lot of Whovian and Torchwood fans out here!)

  3. bonniegrrl says:

    technically I didn’t make it, just blogging it.
    But I will NOW!

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