FIRST LOOK: “Family Guy: Blue Harvest” Poster

Tune into FOX on Sept. 23 for a special one-hour “Family Guy” episode called “Blue Harvest” that’s a tribute to the Star Wars Saga as unique as only Seth MacFarlane and his talented team of writers can make it.

Click here for a larger image of this poster.

Stay tuned to for ongoing coverage of the show!

44 Responses to FIRST LOOK: “Family Guy: Blue Harvest” Poster

  1. says:

    Family Guy: Blue Harvest

    Wir bleiben bei Star-Wars-Parodien: Das offizelle Poster zum Family-Guy-Star-Wars-Special, das am 23. September zu sehen sein wird, ist online. Die Folge wird “Blue Harvest” heißen. Das wunderbare Poster könnt ihr euch hier ansehen. (via …

  2. Tom Hodges says:

    The SDCC preview had me in TEARS… especially the opening crawl.

    Now how do I get my hands on one of those posters?!?!?!?

  3. Scarlettspiderg says:

    Wheres Meg?

  4. Kim Francesangelo says:

    Yuke baby, your my hero. 🙂 Than Leia, Than Ben, Than Darth, Than Han, Than Anikin, Than R2D2, Than C3PO, Than Chewie, Than Ucle Owen, Than Aunt Beru, Then Wedge, Then Biggs, Than Red Leader, Than Red Four, Then Red Six, Than Gold Leader, Than Gold Two, Than Gold Five, Than Gen. Taggi, Than Admiral Motti, Than Commander #1 , Than Gen. Dodonna, Than Gen. Willardand, Than Grand Moff Tarkin, Than Commander #1, not all necessarily in that order. “I Lova U” 🙂

  5. Todd of the Sith says:

    Meg is the Trash Compactor monster in the show, so she would not be in the poster.

  6. Qel Droma says:

    “Meg is the Trash Compactor monster”?

    Ha ha! This show is going to be hilarious!!

    Lovin it already!

  7. Scarlettspiderg says:

    Megs the Trash Compacter monster? Lol, this is gonna be great!

  8. Alejandro Olascoag says:

    Salu2 desde México….se ve que estará bien chingon ese especial de Family Guy..esperemos lo pasen en México pronto.
    Que la fuerza nos acompañe.

  9. You-Know-Who says:

    lmao, im gonna watch it

  10. Juul says:

    This is so exciting! Star Wars forever!

  11. nick says:

    This rock`s Because I am a starwars fan and collecter

  12. Dkstarrocker says:

    Great I love star wars and Family Guy!

    But where can I get a poster?

  13. Dkstarrocker says:

    If any of you play Battlefront II. Say hi to dk(donutman)ldr.12 if you see him.

  14. Shada says:

    I saw the preview at Celebration IV back in May, and I’ve been waiting for this show. Sad sad, I know. But I can’t help my geekiness. Looking forward to it!

  15. MARCELO says:


  16. Aaron says:

    Saw the preview at C4 as well, so amazingly funny. And yes, where do I get one of these posters. It’s a must have. If they’re not for sale, they should be. If there’s a large demand for them maybe they’ll produce some. So, c’mon fans, demand…demand…demand!

  17. SoCalGreenMan says:

    Hmm… No meg Griffin…

  18. R2 Fan says:

    I saw the preview at CIV as well and I can’t wait to see the full episode! Also, I would LOVE one of the posters!

  19. ZUMA says:

    I hope this isn’t just going to be another frame for frame thing like they did in with the medal ceremony at the end of one episode. If they’re going to spoof some stuff fine, but just recreating exact scenes is boring and pointless.
    The show hasn’t been funny for quite some time, but I’ll tune in for this.

  20. evilweez says:

    They should have made Meg a droid. Her condom hat would be a perfect fit on the domed head.

  21. Maehem says:

    Why isn’t this advertised on either or Are they trying to keep it a secret? I found it via the email newsletter but they only refer to this blog.

  22. RISD Car 1 says:

    Seth you rock. I’ll make sure the kids know. They love your work. Graduation was a blast. Thank you.

  23. classicC3PO says:

    Long live SouthPark. Oh my gosh! A star wars parody! how original Seth!

  24. boBaFatt says:

    those crazy manatees are at it again….

  25. Dan Doherty says:

    I want a poster too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Herder says:

    $20 says meg is gonna be jabba the hut

  27. Sabre says:

    Herder, you owe us all $20 each. LMAO

    Cant wait for this episode, going to be hilarious

  28. Sarah says:

    Saw the Comic Con preview on YouTube;this is pretty funny!XD Can’t wait for the full thing,hope it gets put on DVD.

  29. Drakeller says:

    Que Genial!!!!! Es lo mas Chido, El tributo a lo mas grande con una familia fuera de lo comun y sumamente graciosa, Un tributo de Culto sin duda alguna!!

  30. BigHarv says:

    Lucas should be ashamed of himself by letting a crude, ballish television show like the Family Guy take over and strip the overall premise of Star Wars and make it into something cheap and crass. What’s next? I can’t wait to see a American Dad poster, how about making one using the cast of Who’s the Boss? See how much you care and how much it really sucks? Bravo bravo…..

  31. Ben Obi Wan Scoth says:

    Love the Poster, Love to get a copy and have matted.

  32. Luv Hav Leia Suck it says:

    Great poster , gotta get it.

  33. jon says:

    star wars with family guy = awsome combat with hilarious show!!cant wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. jon says:

    cant wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Norman Cheung says:


  36. yodagirl2013 says:

    How can I get my hands on one of these posters? This will no doubt be one of the memorable Family Guy episodes to date!!!

  37. jim says:

    Need to have the poster and dvd of show! HOW DO I GET IT!!!! Should make action figures!

  38. machead says:

    This SUNDAY!!! woo-hoo!
    This should be hilarious!

    The SW Robot Chicken was OK; FG should be much better!!

  39. Josh says:

    wat time is the show starting???

  40. It starts at 9:00 PM Eastern US time.

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