Steampunk Stormtroopers in Dubai

Check out these amazing giant Imperial stormtroopers (and Aliens) in the Steampunk style, in a shopping mall art gallery in Dubai.

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5 Responses to Steampunk Stormtroopers in Dubai

  1. Homie Bear says:

    Wow- that’s amazing. Have you seen the Steampunk Star Wars artwork that was floating around a while back? I’ll see if I can find the URL.

  2. Shadow Jedi says:

    Thats real cool! I have never seen anything like that before!
    But what confusese me is; whats with the Spanish web site?

  3. Mobbyfett says:

    This trooper is very cool besides the name. Why would you give it such a name why not Endor speeder pilot. The name would be more realistic. Maybe we should name him Chagba Royal trooper.

  4. José Fiúza says:

    For those who didn’t know about it, these sculptures made out of recycled gears and other assorted metal are quite similar to the one’s a Bangkok-based company has beeb building for years.

    You can jump to it’s website by following a link to it on this report from the SWCC-PT Club from Portugal:

    All best,
    .José Fiúza

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