Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed Airs Again

If you missed the Emmy-nominated documentary Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed, you can still catch it airing on The History Channel, Thurs., Sept. 6 at 10pm (check local listings).

The two-hour special explores why the emotional impact of the Star Wars saga remains as relevant as ever. The doc interviews celebs, filmmakers, politicians, academics, journalists and critics to get their take on the cultural impact of the films, as well as its influences — like the similarities between the tales of Luke Skywalker and King Arthur and Buddha and Yoda. See how the intensely compelling stories in Star Wars — borrowed from diverse traditions, from Greek mythology and American westerns to the Bible and even Vaudeville — force us to explore some of the biggest questions of our time.

Some of the personalities interviewed include director J.J. Abrams, director Peter Jackson, director Kevin Smith, director Joss Whedon, political satirist Stephen Colbert, journalists Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Linda Ellerbee, politicians Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi, authors Mary Henderson and Steven Galipeau and many others.

“The idea of the underdog who’s on the right side defeating the overdog who’s on the wrong side is a deeply American mythology,” says former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who climbed a high political fence to agree with current Democrat House Speaker

Nancy Pelosi comments on the movies’ impact. Says Pelosi, “The legacy of George Lucas fits very comfortably among the classics of all time, whether ancient or modern. ”

Adds Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson: “You don’t even have to ask, ‘Will it stand the test of time?’ It has and it will.”

Watch video clips from the documenary on here:

VIDEO: Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed

For more information on the Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed, click here.

And be sure to check out the cool wallpaper downloads for the documentary here.


2 Responses to Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed Airs Again

  1. Kim Francesangelo says:

    “Most interesting.” I’ll be watching. 🙂

  2. Monika says:

    Does anyone know if this is ever going to be shown in the UK?

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