Yoda’s Jedi Departure Makes Movie Death List

MTV.com takes a look back at some of the most shocking and unexpected character deaths in film. Yoda’s Return of the Jedi departure makes the list (no one cares so much about Jango, Qui-Gon, Padmé, Ani’s mum or various Sith, apparently). Also on the list — deaths in Deep Blue Sea, Smokin’ Aces, Scream, Psycho, Executive Decision, Pulp Fiction, Final Destination 2, Doom and L.A. Confidential. So if you haven’t seen a few of these flicks and want to remain spoiler free, don’t look!

Return of the Jedi (Yoda)
To an entire generation, the physical manifestation of wit, wisdom and warmth was not Plato or Mark Twain, but a 3-foot-tall, 900-year-old Muppet. George Lucas introduced the breakout Jedi master with The Empire Strikes Back, and years later he resurrected the character with mixed results for his prequels. But for millions of young fans, the little green guy’s heart-tugging Jedi death was a moment of national mourning. Meanwhile, our parents watched, wondering if we’d cry half as much when they passed.

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Final Destination 2 To Return Of The Jedi: 10 Most Shocking Movie Deaths Of All Time


One Response to Yoda’s Jedi Departure Makes Movie Death List

  1. Simon Maxwell says:

    Well that list is just plain wrong. What about John Hurt giving birth to the Alien, or David Warner losing his head in The Omen? Evidently those deaths are not as shocking as some stupid deaths in films such as Final Destination 2 or Deep Blue Sea.

    And I’d disagree that Yoda’s is the most shocking death in Star Wars. What about Obi-Wan? He essentially allowed Darth Vader to kill him. Wasn’t that more shocking than Yoda snuffing it?

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