Duel of the Cardboard Tubes

(Photo by Hank Chinaski)

Before fancy-schmancy lightsabers, brave warriors fought many a duel with less elegant weaponry. Enter the Cardboard Tube Fighting League. The rules are simple:
1. Don’t break your tube.
2. No stabbing.
3. Not the face!

While the new sport might not make it to the next summer Olympics, you might find an upcoming cardboard tube battle at a park near you. So better get your tube and start practicing like young Luke Skywalker.

Find out more on the Cardboard Tube Fighting League official site.
Plus get the latest league news in the CTFL Yahoo! Group.

Behold the mayhem in the Cardboard Tube Fighting League Flickr blogs here and here.


7 Responses to Duel of the Cardboard Tubes

  1. jkthunder says:

    the… most… awesomest!

  2. jedimasterwindurhenvar95 says:

    Thats just plain out stupid. :-0

  3. southin says:

    We used to do this every Christmas when we were kids with all of the leftover wrapping paper tubes!

  4. novaderhater says:

    They should try using plastic wiffle ball bats, that way you could really get into it. My brother and I used to smash each others fingers while dueling with our bats.

  5. Teamfubar says:

    Wiffle ball bats are the stuff. My 5 year old son chooses them over lightsabers anytime. They come in a lot of colors, so he can be whichever Jedi he chooses, they fit his small hand better, and we can go to town on each other!

  6. Kett Reighn says:

    haha thats so great!! Far cheaper then the things I battle with at any rate. I use boffer swords, which is basically pvc pipe wrapped in insallation foam and duct tape. They’re really durable; I’ve never broken one yet and I’ve made about 10 of ’em. They’re really the best things to have a battle with, because even if you hit your opponent really hard, its just foam and duct tape, so it doesn’t hurt that bad. 😀

  7. Lora says:

    Uh, sounds like a funny sport. 😉 Perhaps I should sugest trying it the next time the girls meet for some fun.

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