George Lucas Interview at D: All Things Digital

In May 2007, filmmaker George Lucas was interviewed on stage at the D: All Things Digital, the annual tech and media conference sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, where he chatted about digital visual effects, new gaming technology developed by LucasArts and ILM, the future of Web entertainment and filmmaking in general.

The site posted the entire (almost hour-long) interview for fans to check out, complete with ILM reels including a Pirates reel with Oscar-winning VFX Supervisor John Knoll explaining how the new software helps create realistic water effects. For you gamers, there’s also a live demo from LucasArts President Jim Ward about the upcoming LucasArts gaming technology (keep your eyes peeled for the Jar Jar in Carbonite, ice and Jell-O!)

The interview hosted by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher also veers into tangents about his Lucas’ thoughts on Youtube, hedge-fund investors trying to act as film producers and more.

Check out the video here:
George Lucas: The Entire D5 Interview

6 Responses to George Lucas Interview at D: All Things Digital

  1. Mark Newbold says:

    Humph! Why can’t I interview him? I’d make it interesting, honest. I’d chat about plaid shirts, quiffs and everything important to him.

  2. Sharpy says:

    I think they need to hire a new stage manager. At the start I thought it was Aunt Beru doing the interviewing. “George… Georrrrge……Georrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrge” followed shortly afterwards by “John… Johhhhn….. Johhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn”…

  3. Mike T says:

    hey guys, there’s no way to get a hold of the blogger for this site, but I wanted to pass this link along that I found. it seems as though adidas is doing “The Force” pack, two sneakers that are inspired by Darth Vader (black) and Yoda (light color) pretty cool, if you want to post it on here, whoever’s out there!

  4. HELENA says:


  5. […] The Oficial Star Wars Blog: In May 2007, filmmaker George Lucas was interviewed on stage at the D: All Things Digital, the […]

  6. jedimasterwindurhenvar95 says:

    I think its pretty cool how the make the objects act as if it were in real life. I think it will make a better gaming experiance for the gamer like me when it comes out. I do agree that the make alot of games so i wont want to see another starwars games in about a year unless its an expansion to the forces unleshed.

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