Superbad Sneaks in Star Wars

If you went to see the hilarious teen comedy Superbad this week, you might have caught a quick Star Wars reference from actors Bill Hader (who also reenacted Jabba the Hutt’s death scene in the hit comedy Knocked Up) and Seth Rogen. When we interviewed Hader in June he had this to say about his role in Superbad:

“Seth and I play cops who talk a lot about Star Wars in the movie,” Hader reveals. “Seth’s a rookie cop and I’ve been on the force for two years so I keep referring to him as ‘Padawan.’ I talk in Yoda’s voice and then say to another younger character in the patrol car with us, ‘That’s Yoda from Attack of the Clones.’ We had this idea that it would be funny if my character and Seth’s had only seen Attack of the Clones and not have any idea that there were five other movies.”

Read the entire interview with Bill Hader here on
Bill Hader Channels His Inner Tauntaun


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