Seth Green Talks Robot Chicken DVD

Actor and Robot Chicken co-creator Seth Green sat down with to chat about the upcoming Robot Chicken: Season 2 DVD, the Robot Chicken: Star Wars special and the upcoming seasons of Robot Chicken and “Family Guy.”
Here’s a snippet:

IGN TV: What are your plans as far as a DVD release of Robot Chicken: Star Wars? Will it be included with Season 3 or will it have an independent release?
You know, we’re actually talking about that right now. There’s a lot of different conversations being had, so I’m not entirely sure how it’s gonna pan out. My expectation is that it will be its own DVD. We’re just trying to figure out what content will be on it, in addition to the special.

IGN TV: “Family Guy” has their own Star Wars special coming. Did you get to boast to Seth [MacFarlane] that you beat him to it?
No. He and I don’t have that kind of competitive relationship. We were both just so giddy about the fact that we get to make Star Wars. Although we called each other during the production, because we were writing them around the same time, just kind of conferring and making sure we weren’t stepping on each other’s joke toes.

Read the full interview here:
Exclusive Interview: Seth Green (IGN)

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