DIY Dagobah Diorama Craft blogger Neil Baker (nob01) let us know of an impressive Star Wars diorama project he and his nephew Sean made of Dagobah. Inspired by the Dagobah set built at Celebration Europe, Neil and Sean got to work on their own miniature set fit for his Revell X-wing model kit.

Using hobby moss, acrylic paint, cardboard, pipe cleaners (chenille stems), papier mache, wallpaper paste, cellophane and the trusty glue gun, the crafty duo made an impressive Dagobah diorama that would make ILM model makers proud.

Check out their step-by-step guide to make your own:
Building Dagobah


Pssst…Don’t miss the Build Your Own Dagobah Terrarium craft on too!

3 Responses to DIY Dagobah Diorama Craft

  1. Stooge says:

    Really cool work — Neil is the coolest uncle ever!

  2. Megatrends says:

    Yes Neil is the coolest uncle ever. Looks like a fun time and it is nice seeing it here!!!

  3. Mark Newbold says:

    Really glad to see this here, Neil sent me the link a few days ago and it made me smile like a loony. How cool is that? Great stuff and excellent to see it on this here blog.

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