Celebrating Elvis Star Wars Style

August 16 marks the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death and while fans everywhere are celebrating his contributions to rock ‘n roll, Star Wars fans have their own way of feeling the King’s presence in the form of a very special stormtrooper.

Hailing from Merced, Calif., Ken the Elvis Trooper (TK-432) is one member of the 501st Legion that all fans can find easily in a convention crowd. Wearing sunglasses, a white cape and of course stormtrooper armor, you’ll find Elvis Trooper at cons wooing the ladies with his “Thankyaverymuch” drawl and taking endless photos with fans.

Recently this year, Gentle Giant Studios released a limited-edition mini-bust of Elvis Trooper as a collectible replica which made fandom history as this was the first time the company released a replica of a fan. Proceeds went to help the fight against cancer.

To quote the wise Master himself (Mojo Nixon, not Yoda): “Elvis is everywhere.”

Check out Elvis Trooper online here:
Elvis Trooper’s MySpace Page
Photos tagged Elvis Trooper (Flickr)


5 Responses to Celebrating Elvis Star Wars Style

  1. Phill Scott says:

    I recently interviewed Ken for an article on http://www.theprivateuniverse.co.uk. He’s a stand-up guy, and a great Star Wars fan !

  2. Michael Armster says:

    I think he is ahead of the pack. There is a ton of balance tohis “personal force”. Can you dig it!

  3. sithwilly says:

    Man I can hardly wait for the gollum/r2d2 figurines!!! When is this crossmarketing going to end. The “BIG E” was way too whacked on pills to even know what SW’s was and is. Why associate a drug addicted overated american icon to something more clean and life altering. MTFBWY in your afterlife Elvis but find another robot please.

  4. sithwilly says:

    I can hardly wait 4 the R2D2/GOLLUM figurine! When is this blatant crossmarketing self promtion going to end in the star wars world. What does a drug addicted overated american icon have to do with SW’s? is there no limit??? MTFBWY Big E, but find another robot. I heard that Bucks Rogers little guy is available.

  5. Gabe says:

    LOL!!! 🙂 I’ve met this guy a few times! Kick ass!!

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