Details on New Essential Atlas Book

Author Daniel Wallace revealed this week in his blog details about his upcoming book Star Wars: The Essential Atlas (working title), due out in 2008 from Del Rey.

“This book, written by myself and Jason Fry, will be the deepest look Lucasfilm has ever allowed into the geography of our favorite galaxy far, far away,” Wallace writes. “There’s lots more still to do on this project — and our draft could still undergo heavy rewrites — so take everything with a grain of salt at this early date. But I thought it would be a good idea to address some of the questions that I’ve been getting.”

Q: Is this a star charts book, or is it a new version of The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons?
A: Yes! The Atlas will combine extensive star charts/maps with planet profiles like the ones in the original EGPM (though almost certainly laid out differently).

Q: Will the book be light years better than the original EGPM?
A: Yes, lightyears. I can say that because I wrote the original, and realize that I spent way too much time recapping plots instead of actually describing planets. Hey, it was my first book.

Q: So what’s in it already?
A: We’re still at first-draft stage, so full caveats, but in broad strokes the book is equal parts cosmology, planet profiles, political structure, colonization, history, the sweep and scale of wars, and bulleted lists presenting miscellaneous items of kewlness. I mean, I like Star Trek: Star Charts, but it’s just charts. By contrast, the Atlas will hopefully feel closer in spirit to classic, meaty RPG resources like Platt’s Starport Guide or Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Sourcebook.

Read more updates on Wallace’s blog:
Continuity, Criticisms, and Captain Panaka


3 Responses to Details on New Essential Atlas Book

  1. jay hathaway says:

    I have been needing this type of companion for the completed universe! the “new” version of the RPG has been lacking in resources like the old planet guides. I still play the d6 system with my friends. I have several other Ideas for updated or improved game materials that I would love to see given life, like this one.

  2. Jim Trupp says:

    I can’t wait til this new book comes out! I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan (have most of the books, legos, X-box games, towels, t-shirts, and a Darth Maul blanket that I use as a tapestry), and I love learning everything I can about this magnificient universe. I do have one question, though: will we ever find out what species Yoda, Yaddle and Master Vrook are? And will we ever see more of them, in upcoming books?

  3. Justin says:

    Dan, query: Can we expect to see more space routes than on the maps so far, such as the ones that are in “rings” in the galactic circle, the Fondor-Gandeal route, etc.?

    And will all the Marvel worlds finally be shown?

    How many sector maps will there be? I think we really need detailed sector maps of the Koornacht Cluster (since BFC named plenty of worlds), the Tion, the Corporate Sector, Hutt Space, and the Gordian Reach at least, similar to the map in your neat Moddell Sector article.

    Also, will all the movie homeworlds’ locations finally be revealed, like the homeworlds of Magaloof the Leffingite, the Skakoan homeworld, Ensolica, etc.?

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