Frank Oz talks Star Wars, Muppets and SNL

Capone from Ain’t It Cool News chats with the legendary puppet master, director and voice actor Frank Oz about his work with the Muppets, their unusual presence on the first season of “Saturday Night Live,” his own directorial endeavors, and of course, Yoda.

Here’s a few choice excerpts:

Have you ever been to a Star Wars convention?
“Never. I don’t do them. I won’t do them. That’s not my job. I create a character. I don’t like to exploit characters, I like to create them. I just tend to do that. I don’t do personal appearances or any of that. I’ve been asked to so many times, and I always say no.”

When you’ve been asked to do a particular voice during an interview or on a talk show, especially Yoda, you always decline.
“There are a lot of reasons. Certainly when I’m promoting a movie like this or any R-rated movie, I won’t do it because I don’t want people to think it’s a kids’ movie. And I don’t want to be a trained monkey. It’s like talking to a plumber and saying, ‘Hey, while you’re here can you fix my sink?’ I love the characters, but also I don’t want to treat them cavalierly and just kind of toss them off when anyone asks me.”

Your name has been attached to the new Clone Wars animated TV series as Yoda’s voice. Are you, in fact, a part of that, because I remember you weren’t a part of the original series.
“I know nothing about that. I haven’t seen George for about a year. I could call him and find out, but I know nothing about it. Don’t believe the Internet.” [laughs]

For the full interview click here.
(Be forewarned that there are a few moments of adult language in the interview.)

Also be sure to check out’s interview with Oz about ILM’s work and the future of puppets here — Oz on Wizardry

Ain’t it Cool News, TheForce.Net

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