Brewing Bender Bot

“Futurama” fans may recall the episode “The Route of All Evil,” where the gang decides to brew beer inside the cantankerous robot Bender. One fan decided to make it a reality by constructing his own real-life working version made from wood, fiberglass, circuit boards and a whole lot of ingenuity.

Check out the step-by-step process here:
Building Beer Brewing Bender

No word yet on fans constructing martini-slinging C-3POs or wine-making R2-D2 units.

For more fun with Bender, check out these other “Futurama”-inspired craft projects:
* Bender PC Case Mod
* Bender Costume
* Homemade Zoidberg costume
* Homemade “Futurama” pinball machine

MAKE magazine


One Response to Brewing Bender Bot

  1. Stooge says:

    That Zoidberg costume is awesome!

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