C-3PO was a Cub Scout?

C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels talks with Boy Scout publication Boys’ Life about the science of Star Wars and his rather brief stint as a Cub Scout. Here’s a couple of highlights from the recorded interview.

On being a Cub Scout:

“Around the age of 8 or 9 I was a Cub Scout. I had the little gray shorts and the little green sweater. And I had socks that were hairy and itchy and they had a green tab that was underneath the top. I had a cap, and that was it. I saw that all these other boys had badges and I didn’t have any. So I went to a store about bought all these badges, and I took them home and my mother sewed them on. Then I went back and joined our troop and they looked at my badges and asked where they were from. No one had explained to me that you had to earn the badges. I thought they were just for decoration. So I left shortly after that. You could tell I wasn’t made to be a scout.”

On the importance of science:

Without science, we would be living in the Dark Ages, in the Prehistoric times. Man was put on this Earth by whatever event to move forward, to move onwards, and much of that movement is science-based. Even fire is science. Science is important in every aspect of our daily life. Whether it’s getting to school on a bus, where’s it’s watching your favorite TV show, whether it’s calling someone on the telephone, whether it’s taking some medicine, whether it’s flying in an airplane, whether it’s watching a Star Wars movie — it’s science whether you realize it.

What concerns me, and I think a lot of people, is that science is being dismissed as some kind of witchcraft, and not necessary, and not sexy. Now people want to be movie stars, or in PR or work in the media — instant gratification. Without science and the future of science, we don’t have a future. We have to make this planet work for us and that has to be in scientific ways and I encourage anybody thinking of having a career if you are in any way inclined towards experimenting, chemistry, physics, mathematics — think about science. Without scientists, as C-3PO would say, ‘We’re doomed.'”

Full interview here:
In a Galaxy Not So Far Away

Boys’ Life, TheForce.net


One Response to C-3PO was a Cub Scout?

  1. Stooge says:

    They could have at least titled the article “Droid’s Life”…

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