What Brings You Out This Far?


One of the cooler pieces of Star Wars-related swag to be found at Celebration Europe was a poster depicting the actual Mos Espa filming site from Episode I that reads “In a land not so far away…” and “Come and Feel the Force: Tunisia”.

Yup, a travel poster promoting tourism to Star Wars fans, with a breathtaking sunset image of Tatooine to boot. This one’s getting a frame.

Anyway, there are actually tours dedicated to Star Wars fans offered by at least two travel agencies — Tunisia First and Wigmore Holidays — which appear to hit several of the Star Wars shooting sites, such as Mos Espa (Ong Jmel), Anakin’s Slave quarters from Episode I (Tataouine), and the Lars Homestead interior (Matmata).

Be warned that Dewbacks will cost you extra.

4 Responses to What Brings You Out This Far?

  1. Stooge says:

    If they set up a blue milk restaurant, I’m so there.

  2. bonniegrrl says:

    Count me in if Dex’s Diner sets up!

  3. mastersaurkon says:

    Cool, they should set up the Mos Eisley cantina and build all of Mos Eisley and Mos Espa. and they should create a Galactic Historic Site there that is the whole area of Tatooine talked about in books, comics, and movies.

  4. Mark Dermul says:

    There’s an even better site that has footage and a guidebook that does ALL the locations : http://www.tatooine.tk! Enjoy.

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