No More Gutterballs for Darth Vader

(“This is bowling, Vader. There are rules.“)

While bowling enthusiasts knocked down pins for the last time at their beloved Plympton Megabowl in the United Kingdom, Darth Vader and his gang stopped by to join in the closing festivities.

A host of Star Wars characters were out in force to ensure the final session at the rink was not a sombre and sad occasion. Also on hand to give their own bowling tips were Darth Maul, a collection of Imperial stormtroopers, Queen Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda.

To read the full story click here:
Star Wars Fans See Off Megabowl in Style

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3 Responses to No More Gutterballs for Darth Vader

  1. Stooge says:

    Strike me down with all of your hatred…

  2. Paula says:

    Some of the funniest experiences I’ve ever had have been watching 501st-ers bowling in costume. There’s just something about those lovely bowling shoe colors combined with white stormtrooper armour….

  3. bonniegrrl says:

    I’m still waiting for a fan to make a Star Wars fan film spoofing The Big Lebowski. I would totally see C-3PO as Walter.

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