Blogging Renegade Squadron

Our friends at LucasArts and Rebellion asked us to let you know about their official blog for Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, the PSP exclusive chapter to the popular Star Wars video game series. is hosting it, and the team promises updates and exclusive information almost every day from now until the game’s October 9 release. Feel free to leave comments as well as questions for their Q&A entries that occur every other week, beginning this Friday.

Check it out here:
Renegade Squadron Blog in IGN


12 Responses to Blogging Renegade Squadron

  1. Chuguaqa says:

    Star wars coje chaban. Todos los huevos

  2. You-Know-Who says:

    If they think Im gonna buy PSP just to play this game, they think wrong.

  3. Jacob Rodriguez says:

    The game looks so cool but why couldnt they make it for other game systems ,or else I would buy it in a heart beat.

  4. Jman says:

    This is so crappy! They make a game that is as close to what I have been dreaming of and they make it only for Psp, the systm I will never have! Thatis so CHEAP!!!! Have they even thought of the lack of controls! It is esier to control your player with a Ps2 or a PC!! I have nothing agaist the game, but why does it have to be only on Psp. Well LUcas Arts realy screwed this one up!!!! 😡

  5. asa` says:

    all i got is gba make better games

  6. shagy says:

    mr.lucas you screwed your self over BIG TIME! nobudy even buy the PSP! IT IS THE WROST HAND HELD EVER ,THE N.E.S. NITENDO.ENTERTANMENT.SYSTEM HAD BETTER SELLS THAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Admiral Snackbar says:

    YAY wow i can’t wait. I have a PSP, and trust me, the only non-crappy games on it are Battlefront 2 and burnout. To those who dont have a PSP its worth it. There are movies for psp, you can listen to music, and surf the web. You can copy your favorite DVDs onto it too. I’ve had star wars episode 1 on my PSP for almost a year. If you like the game buy a PSP cause the games aren’t the only good part about the system. i only wish there were better controls for this game than Battlefront 2.

    REBZ rule

  8. George Spooner says:

    some body tell george lucas and the guys @ lucas arts to make it for ps2,ps3,x-box etc

  9. Darth Kav says:

    Love the first ones
    Love my Xbox
    Not gonna buy a PSP
    Bye Bye battlefront, guess I’ll wait for Halo 3 instead

  10. Kashyyyk67 says:

    Why just for the PlayStation Portable, I hope they at least follow-up with different systems , if they don’t have multiple systems release at the same time. Darth Kav is right if they don’t make it for other systems. Bye Bye Battlefront (most favorite game) there is always the X-Box games too. What a bummer. LoL. Battlefront on the Wii just crossed my mind.

  11. […] Blogging Renegade Squadron [image] Our friends at LucasArts and Rebellion asked us to let you know about their official blog for Star Wars […] […]

  12. Rigel says:

    yeah, ive been waiting for something like.. Star Wars Battlefront III for a long time! When I heard about Renegade Squadron, i was really excited. Then I see thats it only for PSP! Comeon lucas, what your problem now? You people arent gonna make any money or anything cause people dont really do PSP. If your gonna make it for PSP, you gotta at “LEAST” make it for PS3! Jack it up to PS2, PS3, wii, xBox 360 and maybe even DS! People would buy it, we’ve always wanted a new big screen battlefront!
    Or are you saying after 6 Star Wars films, you cant afford it?

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