Dark Side of the Deli

While some Star Wars fans dress up as Jedi and duel with lightsabers in live-action fan films, others let hot dogs do the stunt work. Case in point, the 1998 fan-made film Star Wieners.

The latest issue of Geek Monthly magazine tracked down the filmmaker — computer animator Andrew Burke — to chat about what compelled him and his friends to re-imagine A New Hope with hot dogs wearing handcrafted costumes.

“Blame Wal-Mart,” Burke laughs. “When you stock plastic food items next to the action figures you’re just asking for trouble. Mix in a pack of hungry nerds with time to kill and it was the obvious conclusion.”

The most impressive aspect of the film are the tiny costumes for the hot dog characters including droid metal, Princess Leia hair buns, Yoda ears, Jedi robes and mini lightsabers. “I sat down a few evenings and molded the outfits and props out of Fimo,” Burke says. “I used old socks and shirts for the costumes without even sewing, thanks to the magic of Superglue.”

Burke and company (friends Robin Kuniski and Adam Freeman) did such an impressive job on the film props they won an action figure design contest in Toyfare Magazine which published a picture of the cast. “Officially, that makes Star Wieners an award-winning film,” Burke smiles.

Be sure to check out the full interview in Geek Monthly magazine, Issue 5/6.

SOURCE: Geek Monthly magazine

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