Weinsteins Search for the Ultimate Star Wars Fan

You can beat everyone you know at Star Wars trivia, your lightsaber collection looks like an intergalactic armory, you’ve been sleeping in vintage R2-D2 sheets since childhood and you’ve been adding George Lucas-style montages to your home movies for years. So you might as well get the respect you deserve as the ultimate Star Wars fan.

Dailymotion and the Weinstein Company have announced “The Ultimate Star Wars Fanboy (or Girl!)” contest. The competition, which runs from July 25 – August 31, 2007, coincides with a special sneak preview of select scenes of the film Fanboys followed by a filmmaker Q&A session at Comic-Con International in San Diego on July 26, 2007.

To enter, contestants (US residents only) can register and upload an original video — three minutes long or shorter — showing why they are the ultimate Star Wars fan at Fanboycontest.com or Fanboys.dailymotion.com.

Dailymotion users will be voting for their favorites throughout the competition. The producers will choose the winner from the 10 finalists that received the most votes by the users. This lucky winner will receive a walk-on role in a new scene in the actual movie, plus the original entry will be promoted on the Fanboys official website and included as a special feature in the DVD release.

Fanboys is an MGM release of a Weinstein Company presentation and will open January 18, 2008. A short clip about the contest can be viewed at

Watch this video clip of Fanboys director Kyle Newman for more info.

5 Responses to Weinsteins Search for the Ultimate Star Wars Fan

  1. im a huge star wars fan and i have a very deep depth of every story of star wars and i have a good face and able to adjust at random

  2. eric copeland says:

    my knowledge of starwars past,present,and beyond rivals only one and that is lucas himself and since he created and approves the different stories I have to give him his respect.

  3. Masja says:

    I love star wars. I have collected Every Lego Set and all the Force FX Lightsabers. My Knowledge of all things Star Wars is unheard of in the circle of family and friends of mine. I am humble enough to know i still have learning to do. So as much as i would love to do this contest. i cannot. May the force be with all the contestants out there

  4. What the hell? You must have balls the size of China to be able to make the claim of being the biggest Star Wars fan. I imagine that the absolute biggest fan is a Howard Hughes hobbity-hermit who is totally insane and wears kleenex boxes for shoes.

    I throw my hat into the ring just for the heck of it.

  5. Rachel says:

    hey i heard that you have to be 18 or older to participate!!! what the crap is it true???

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