Star Wars Party: It’s Do or Jedi!

Entertainment Weekly magazine editor-at-large Dalton Ross reports about his 7-year-old son’s birthday which was all about Star Wars. He had games, temporary tattoos and even dressed up as Darth Maul to impress his son and his friends.

But before the game got under way, I had a little surprise for them. While they sat discussing what their team names would be (”Ooh! Ooh! Let’s be the Tusken Raiders!”), I snuck upstairs and slipped on a Darth Maul costume — yes, I own one, and no, you are not allowed to judge. I made my way down the stairs as stealthlike as possible, trying my best not to fall and kill myself, which was a distinct possibility, considering that seeing outside the mask was next to impossible. I felt a bit like Luke Skywalker in Episode 4 with his blast shield down, getting zapped by the lightsaber training droid. Only I was a lot less whiny.

So when I got to the last step, I made a dramatic Force-fueled Sith leap down to the floor, ignited my lightsaber, and busted out a supermaniacal laugh. One girl screamed at the top of her lungs. Another looked at me like, Who the hell is that guy?, and all the boys proceeded to charge at top speed and tackle me. I went from amused to scared to death in a matter of milliseconds. Kind of like that screaming girl. Once I got my hands free, I ripped off my mask as fast as I could and surrendered. It was only then that I noticed that a couple of parents were still there and that this would make for awkward conversation at the next class dinner.

Read about Ross’ entire Star Wars birthday party experience here in his hilarious essay:
Star Wars Party: It’s Do or Jedi!


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  1. This section contains tactics …

    They are similar because they are sketchy and morally dubious….

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