New Record Brings Balance to the Wu-Tang Clan

It’s been six long years since the Wu-Tang Clan has released an album, but frontman RZA says even though the crew may have been scattered around thanks to solo projects — RZA scored the Kill Bill movies, Ghostface Killah released a solo CD, Method Man joined the cast of “The Wire” and starred in Garden State and Soul Plane — as well as the unfortunate passing of founding member Dirty Ol’ Bastard — they are back with a new release The 8 Diagrams — due to hit shelves this fall.

In an interview in Entertainment Weekly magazine (July 27, 2007), RZA says:

“It was difficult getting everybody together!” RZA says. “[We recorded] rough beats and cuts that’ll make you want to jump around. Brothers put in a really good energy this time. It’s like the old Luke Skywalker story. We [just] needed to bring balance to the Force.”

Check out RZA on Myspace here. And read news about the new record here at the official Wu-Tang Clan site.


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