The Vader Project Invades Comic-Con

Since The Vader Project debuted at Celebration IV, and with additional UK-based artists on board travelling to Celebration Europe, it only made sense for popular exhibit to show at San Diego Comic-Con International.

“Comic-Con is just such a great venue that it seemed a shame to miss out on the opportunity,” The Vader Project curator Dov Kelemer says. “With the main show on its way back from a very successful show in the UK we just took the opportunity to add a few more to the show.”

For the Comic-Con show, fans can see 10-12 helmets on display at the Star Wars Pavilion. The new artists participating include:

After Comic-Con, fans might be seeing The Vader Project in an art gallery near them. “Traveling art shows are usually easy to ship around as most art is flat but because of the size of The Vader Project it really requires a lot of space and resources to put the show on properly so we are working to find appropriate venues for it to travel to so everyone can see it,” Kelemer says. “Once they finish touring they will be for sale. My suggestion to anyone interested is to go to and sign up on our mailing list!”

For more information on The Vader Project, click here.

And be sure to check out The Vader Project profile here on

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