Slave Leia Group Photo At Comic-Con

Missed the Slave Leia Group Photo at Celebration IV?
Don’t worry. The lovely ladies will return at Comic-Con for another group photo op.

On Thursday, July 26, at 2:30pm at the Gentle Giant booth fans can have a chance to take a snapshot of the Slave Leias with the life-size Jabba the Hutt statue.

The photo is one of a series taken at various conventions, starting in 2005. The first photo of 2007, taken at Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles, was an overwhelming success, with media, fans, and photo-seekers clogging the aisles at the Los Angeles convention center. Over 30 women participated in the photo, including television personalities from programs seen on Spike TV, G4, and Ripe TV.

Leia’s Metal Bikini, Club Jade,


2 Responses to Slave Leia Group Photo At Comic-Con

  1. Paula says:

    So when are we going to have a Han Solo or Luke Skywalker or Anakin Skywalker group picture?

  2. bonniegrrl says:

    Heck I’m still hoping someone organizes an Ewok group photo!

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