Coke Landspeeder Leaves Impound


In June, reported the discovery of a Coke landspeeder in a Florida impound lot, donated to the city of Cedar Grove a couple of years ago after a long career as a parade mascot.

Now, the Panama City News Herald is reporting that it’s finally getting out of impound, by virtue of a local production company:

A Jacksonville production company, Crown Productions, saw Cedar Grove’s landspeeder online and obtained permission from the city to borrow it for use in a new “Star Wars” pilot series. Once it acquires network notoriety, the production company management has said the landspeeder’s value will be six figures.

Click here for the full story.


2 Responses to Coke Landspeeder Leaves Impound

  1. vadergirl says:

    So what’s this “new “Star Wars” pilot series”

  2. wildkarrde says:

    If I had to guess, I’m sure it’s a fan film.

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