Jedi, Sith and Queens: CE Costume Pageant

One of the best parts of attending a convention like Celebration Europe is to see all the fans wander around in costume. There’s Darth Vader eating some fish and chips on the entrance stairs. Tween Princess Leias are waiting in line to see the Vader Project. And look, Chewie just got some gum stuck in his fur!

And while many fans wear costumes for fun, a few dedicated folks put a lot of time and effort into their wardrobe so they can compete in the Celebration Europe Costume Pageant. Categories included Light Side and Dark Side for adults and kids.

Revenge of the Sith Creature and Makeup Supervisors Lou and Dave Elsey and Original Trilogy costume designer John Mollo acted as pageant judges, while surprise celebrity guests Darth Maul actor Ray Park and Original Trilogy Boba Fett Jeremy Bulloch did the honors of handing out the award prizes of various Star Wars collectibles. Wicket actor Warwick Davis presided over the pageant as host and read notes to the audience about the making of each costume.

Highlights of the show included a very happy little Yoda twirling on-stage, a Jawa outfit made entirely of bath towels, delicate and beautiful Queen Amidala gowns and an array of young Princess Leias and Ewoks. One of the best costumes of the event (which also won for the dark side) had to be the child walking as best as he could in a blocky (or is that bricky?) LEGO Darth Vader costume. Anther crowd pleaser had to be the rather believable costume of Hoth Han Solo riding a tauntaun.

Click here for a look on the official Star Wars Flickr blog to see all the costumes at the pageant, as well as fan costumes spotted around Celebration Europe.


4 Responses to Jedi, Sith and Queens: CE Costume Pageant

  1. […] Jedi, Sith and Queens: CE Costume Pageant [image] One of the best parts of attending a convention like Celebration Europe is to see all the fans wander around in […] […]

  2. TK Schnecki says:

    This wasn’t a pageant but a lottery! The 25 people who were allowed to attend were selected via lottery! A lot of good costumes were simply not allowed to present themselves…. Quite a shame!

  3. Shaak Ti says:

    A shame indeed ! I was wondering why so few people registered for the pageant… I didn’t know they were selected via lottery !!!
    Well, I thought there were some very nice costumes indeed, but I didn’t agree so much with the choise of the adult winners…
    However, the little lego darth vader, the tiny Yoda girl and the HanSolo on his tauntaun were so cool !!!

  4. Qui-Ran says:

    I would have chosen othres then those who won (And not me even though I joined ^^) My favourites would have been the red Twilek and the great Shaak Ti. There were so many better as those which were chosen (/except the Amidala). I was quite unhappy with the choices.

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