On the Way to Celebration Europe…

After about 2 days of packing and unpacking endless electronic gear and Star Wars shirts, I’m making my way across the Pond to merry ‘ol “red alert” England! I’ve been dreaming about visiting the UK ever since I lay sprawled across on our living room carpet transfixed by the TV featuring the intergalactic adventures of “Dr. Who.” Growing up in Kansas, I think I was convinced all aliens had British accents. Between “Dr. Who” and “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” I probably had good reason to believe it. Even the villains had British accents in Star Wars. Which brings me to why I’m headed to London.

Lucasfilm is sending myself and fellow starwars.com reporter and Star Wars Poster Book author Pete Vilmur to Celebration Europe — the biggest official Star Wars convention in the UK. We’ll both be reporting here for Starwars.com — more specifically here on the Official Starwars.com Blog.

As you may already know, in May we were at Celebration IV (our gigantic Star Wars convention in Los Angeles and that was one heck of a Fanstock, and we had a blast. I chatted with Jane Wieldlin from the Go-Go’s, geeked out with the “Robot Chicken” gang, became an honorary member of the 501st, solved mysteries with Holmes Trooper, videotaped tons of footage of droids and slave Leias, photographed everything I saw and directed my first action film (technically I just ask a nice Lucasarts guy to pretend to run away from an Acklay.) So who knows what kind of trouble/fun/craziness myself and Pete will get into this time around?

Stay tuned to see what happens as we blog Celebration Europe.


9 Responses to On the Way to Celebration Europe…

  1. Stooge says:

    Have fun guys!

  2. Glenn says:

    Have a great time, wish I could be there! Looking forward to all the updates!!

  3. beachboy says:


  4. zachstarwalker says:

    will there be tond of updates ever couple of hours like during CIV.
    i wish they did some celebration up near me or in canada.

  5. QueenAmidala says:

    Can’t wait to see and read all the footage. Enjoy! We’ll miss you while you’re gone!

  6. Dan Coleman says:

    I’ll be there tomorrow. British accent and all….

  7. Matt Golley says:

    On my way down to London now from Sheffield!!!
    Cant wait ….

  8. Jedi_Netrix says:

    Here’s my first take on the show and updates with Randy Martines, Cynthia Cummens and Joe Corroney:


  9. Mark Newbold says:

    Back home now updating Lightsabre and this weekend was AMAZING! Tired, aching but still buzzing from it all. Do it again soon guys, and Bonnie and everyone else, get back here to the UK asap, we miss you already!

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