Lucas is a StarWarsShop’er


Recognize the t-shirt George is wearing in the Indy video just posted? Yup, that’s the exclusive StarWarsShop “Han Shot First” tee that was offered as an exclusive bundled with the DVD singles last year (this version will not include the “IV” on the sleeve). StarWarsShop’s got a limited supply of these great shirts to offer – and we understand it looks dashing under flannel!

Head on over to StarWarsShop now and pick one up while they’re hot!



7 Responses to Lucas is a StarWarsShop’er

  1. Stooge says:

    Pete, you were scooped by your own site a few months ago. 😉
    Check out the pic:

  2. zachstarwalker says:

    actually it was in a video even longer ago than that. i really dont feel like going through the hundreds of pages to find it but i will try.

  3. zachstarwalker says:

    my memory deceives me. it wasnt a video but the same picture. so dont go looking too.

  4. pvilmur says:

    Stooge — yeah, I remembered seeing that somewhere but couldn’t place it. Thanks for the heads-up!

  5. sonobeno says:

    anybody finding it strange that the dude who edited greedo to shoot first, is wearing that t?? o0

  6. This Tee was designed by JAKe Steel a fab British artist, Poor guy doesn’t get enough credit! Get over to for more of his fabness.I kinda know him so this is a bit of shameless plug for his work : )

    And lets just hope George might change the sequence back one day.

  7. Thrawn says:

    How did I mis this article? Awesome.

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