Star Wars-inspired Helmet Helps Cyclists

Look in your rear-view mirror and you might be startled to see an Imperial biker on your tail. Of course, it could just be the “Breathe Air” bike helmet designed by 22-year-old Brunel University industrial design and technology student Luke Pannell. Lancashire Evening Post reports:

The helmet was created to filter out particles which irritate hay fever and asthma sufferers. It covers the cyclist’s nose and mouth with a shield behind which the filtered air circulates. Used air is expelled via a plastic tube when the cyclist exhales.

SOURCES:, Lancashire Evening Post


10 Responses to Star Wars-inspired Helmet Helps Cyclists

  1. Nick says:

    Need to slide that vent around to the front me thinks.

    Maybe i should start riding a bike again

  2. Tay says:

    Awesome i should definitely get me one of those for the dust here. And i’ll ride my bike alot more.

  3. Kassie says:

    Awesome, but creepy! I will have to ride my bike more often!

  4. Michelle says:

    Cool. I’ll tell you if I see an imperial biker in town. LOL

  5. danny says:


    that helmet rocks!!maybe ill get it

  6. nick says:

    That rock`s socks

  7. nick says:

    that rocks socks

  8. Jennifer Litvenovich says:

    are these bike helmets that look like storm troopers available anywhere yet? They are extremely cool and i would love to get one. Please let me know if they are available. Thank you.

  9. dakota proutt says:

    Cool when is it in stores i would love 1

  10. mastersaurkon says:

    Sweet. That combines two awesome things, Star Wars and cycling. Once I get it mayb I’ll get custome made jerseys and shorts to look like stormtrooper armor.

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