Luke Skywalker Goes to Court

When you destroy a gigantic building chances are you’re going be arrested and hauled off to court. So students at Carlin Middle School (in British Columbia) thought it was only fair to learn about the legal system by holding a mock trial for none other than troublemaker Jedi Luke Sywalker for blowing up a very expensive Death Star.

Students dressed up as court officials such as the judge, court clerk, Crown council and defense attorneys, but they also donned the costumes of Star Wars characters Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, the Emperor and a stormtrooper. One student did double duty as the sheriff and Han Solo.

 “This is around the seventh year we’ve done it,” said teacher Lynn Koturbash. “It’s a great way for them to learn all about the different roles in a courtroom and the different types of law.”

Koturbash said the class was quick to select the Star Wars theme trial.

“There are about four or five of them,” she said. “Like the story of the Three Little Pigs, but the older groups tend to go with trials like Stars Wars.”

Read the entire story here:
Students use force of justice

SOURCES: Salmon Arm Observer, Club Jade


3 Responses to Luke Skywalker Goes to Court

  1. Tasty Taste says:

    So was he guilty or what?

  2. clone 124 says:

    Maybe this should have gone to family court, I really think Lord Vaders kid has gone to far this time.

  3. Zachstarwalker says:

    Hmm. Maybe I can persuade my mock trial advisor to try Lando on blowing up the second death star.

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