Artoo & Threepio Top EW’s ‘Hot ‘Bots’ List


Entertainment Weekly’s online site,, posts their top ten favorite robots of all time as the world braces for the release of Transformers on July 3. Threepio’s design inspiration, Metropolis’ Maria, counts in at #8.

Read the full story here (that’s a rare image of the droid duo from the set of The Making of Star Wars special in 1977).

Thanks to for the link.


3 Responses to Artoo & Threepio Top EW’s ‘Hot ‘Bots’ List

  1. chris says:

    C-3PO and R2-D2 is 2 of my favorite Characters

  2. Peter Hart says:

    This is no big surprise. R2 & 3P0 have been leading the way since 1977. They aren’t service droids, or car building automatauns. They are our friends. We care for them because they care for and help the heros of the sagas.

  3. Patrice J Tremblay says:

    Actually, the photo is taken from the set of a public announcement against smoking .. not from the TV Special.

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