Have Dinner with Joss Whedon

“Buffy Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly” creator Joss Whedon is auctioning himself off for a good cause.

Bid to win a place at quasi-celebrity Joss Whedon’s private dinner!  This Comic-Con weekend, Joss will take five winning bidders to a swank San Diego restaurant for drinks and dinner in a private room.  Three hours of intimate conversation, hilarious anecdotes and dark, awkwardly personal secrets.  (Not to mention a little swag.)  It’s a fan experience like no other, to benefit Equality Now.  Any subject you like is on the menu (not the actual menu; that’ll probably just have food).  For three hours, Joss gets to be your biggest fan.

Shown on his auction page as sophisticated, intellectual, and a fully-posable Jedi, it’s hard not to rethink one’s savings account for a chance to ask him anything you want over dinner.

Read more about the auction, scheduled to start July 2, here.

SOURCES: Whedonesque.com, Club Jade

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