The Replacements in Synch with Star Wars

Synching up Pink Floyd’s album The Dark Side of the Moon while watching the film The Wizard of Oz to see if certain film scenes and song lyrics make sense is an old pastime for those us searching for hidden messages in the yellow brick road, but what secrets lurk in the trenches of the Death Star?

Florida fan James Greene, Jr. has been watching the saga  simultaneously with albums from the Beastie Boys, Green Day, Blondie, Bad Religion, Meat Loaf, The Damned, Dr. Dre, Aerosmith, Nirvana, Public Enemy, and of course, Pink Floyd. After each test, he details exactly where the albums synch up with various Star Wars film scenes, and explains why certain albums seem to work better than others, on his blog — The Great Star Wars Synchronicity Project.

One album that seems to have some of the most in-synch moments just so happens to be The Replacements’ alt-rock/country classic Hootenanny — in no less than 17 spots!

Here are a few moments that matched up the best with the A New Hope:


– “Run It” plays during the scenes where the Tantive IV is seen “running away” from the Star Destroyer.

– A group of stormtroopers march by as the line “everybody’s dressin’ funny” is heard in “Color Me Impressed.”

– “Willpower” starts as Darth Vader is interrupted during his interrogation of the Rebel soldier; despite being choked to death, the soldier has the willpower to withhold the information about the stolen Death Star plans.

– “Take Me Down to the Hospital” is playing when R2-D2 is crippled by the Jawas.

– R5-D4 explodes as the word “die” is heard in “Within Your Reach.”

– “You Lose” starts the same time Luke and Owen begin to talk about Luke’s future; Luke gets up, admitting defeat, as the phrase “you lose” is heard during the chorus.

You can read the rest of the synchs here:
Take Me Down to the Jundland Wastes

Also be sure to read my interview with Greene here:
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One Response to The Replacements in Synch with Star Wars

  1. This Jim Greene guy’s a genius. He took me to Moe’s for a burrito a few weeks ago. He also sleeps in his friend’s foyer.

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