Robot Chicken: Stoopid Monkey Lightsaber Shirt


What’s cooler than a monkey with a lightsaber? Not much.
Lucky for you, Stoopid Monkey — Seth Green and Matthew Senreich’s cool production company — the folks who created “Robot Chicken,” and of course “Robot Chicken: Star Wars” special on Adult Swim bring you the limited edition Stoopid Monkey Jedi Knight t-shirt available exclusively on This fashionable t-shirt puts a spin on the popular Star Wars traditional Jedi t-shirts.

“At the end of every episode, our Stoopid Monkey is always doing something silly,” “Robot Chicken” co-creator Matthew Senreich explains. “Every ‘Robot Chicken’ episode is a new adventure. When we did the Star Wars special, the Stoopid Monkey had to do what he saw in every Star Wars movie. He had to experiment with a lightsaber and cut off a hand.”

Wearing the shirt not only shows your allegiance to the Force, but may just make a few “Robot Chicken” fashionistas jealous.

“My friends who have worn it haven been stopped in the supermarket, gym and even a bank by ‘Robot Chicken’ fans asking where they could buy one,” Senreich says.

Check it out here and get some Force-sensitive fashion cred:
Star Wars Stoopid Monkey Jedi Knight Adult T-shirt

One Response to Robot Chicken: Stoopid Monkey Lightsaber Shirt

  1. Josh Buechel says:

    I want one of those stoopid monkey lightsaber shirt very bad are you gonna get any more of them cannot find one at all on the internet please let me know thanks alot

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