The Peculiar Sci-fi Costumes of Dave T. Smith

It’s never to early to start crafting your epic Star Wars Halloween costume now. In fact, you might glean a few tips and plenty of inspiration from artist Dave T. Smith who makes his own costumes which show entire scenes of science fiction and fantasy films including the Star Wars saga.

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog interviews the artist about his magnificent costumes and why he makes them.

When most people put on a costume, they feel empowered by the concealment, and fall into becoming (or commenting on) whatever the costumes represents. What do you become in these costumes?
Over-heated. Actually, there’s always a sense of freedom that comes from anonymity. Being masked allows for more risks and risque’ conversation with complete strangers. Usually, there’s a lot of ice for me to overcome, but these costumes overtly display my humor and creativity and provides the “street culture” (I define ‘street culture’ as pop-culture-lite, knowing the big sci-fi movies that aren’t too obscure – Star Wars works where Brazil would not) a method of almost instant identification. It’s fun to watch people squint at me trying to figure it out, followed shortly by an expression of pleasant surprise.

Any funny stories?
While wearing Gotham, I remember one guy commenting that he “really liked my retaining walls,” of all things to notice. Another looked at me quite defiantly saying, “You can’t do this!” “Too late,” I replied, “I already did.” Also, one Halloween, as the Death Star, a friend of mine was playing drums in a Celtic folk-rock band at Irish pub and I arrived between songs. So he directed everyone’s attention toward me. I noticed the vocalist at the mic was dressed as Princess Leia so I pointed back and told her that I had a prison cell with her name on it, recalling the very first Star Wars movie.

Read the full interview here:
The Peculiar Sci-fi Costumes of Dave T. Smith

SOURCE:; WFMU’s Beware of the Blog


2 Responses to The Peculiar Sci-fi Costumes of Dave T. Smith

  1. Stooge says:

    Good Lord, that’s awesome! Never seen this guy before, coolness!

  2. Nicholas Gay-zorrr (is my Star Wars handle) says:

    I like Star Wars a lot but if this guy was my roommate I could throw away my DVDs and television. Every night before bed I would just tell him what movie to put on and have him wave his arms around while he told me the story of how the Ewoks defeated the Empire. Then I could ask him for rational aexplanations of how that makes sense until he beat me up with that green rod that I think is supposed to be a lightsaber.

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