Fall Out Boy’s Wentz Celebrates Birthday with Star Wars

What do you give a rock star for his birthday? Festive cupcakes — check. A killer party — check. A cool Star Wars collectible — double check. That’s exactly what happened to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz on his 28th birthday.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Wentz revealed that his singer girlfriend Ashlee Simpson understood all too well his love for a galaxy far, far away and got him the ultimate gift.

“Ashlee got me a Revenge of the Jedi poster. I’m kinky and it’s like, in Star Wars originally Return of the Jedi was called Revenge of the Jedi, and then George Lucas decided that [revenge] was not a Jedi-like trait,” he explained. “So she bought it for me. I think it’s sweet. It’s awesome.”

Not sure why digging a cool Star Wars poster makes him “kinky” but we love that Wentz proudly shows off his fanboy side. A few months back the entire band made sure to pay proper tribute to the Force when they posed with lightsabers for a feature interview in Rolling Stone magazine.

VIDEO CLIP: Click here to watch as Fall Out Boy take time out from their Rolling Stone cover shoot to throw down in a lightsaber battle!

In 2005, I chatted with Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman for starwars.com about who in the band would fit right in as a character in the Star Wars galaxy. “I mostly play Joe in my band and I’m pretty good at that,” Trohman jokes. “Our merch guy thinks I should be Darth Joe, but I told him that doesn’t exist. So I suppose I’d probably just be Greedo in the films. After all, I’ve already been voted most likely to be killed at the beginning of a movie by my whole band.”

Like his bandmate Wentz, Trohman also prides himself on rare items in his Star Wars collection. “I still collect tons of action figures,” Trohman says. “My closet in my apartment is full — 95% of Star Wars toys. I’m pretty happy about my Target-exclusive Vader. I also really like Darth Tater. He’s fun. Someone got me that for my birthday. My Celebration III Vader is also the jam. I have some lightsaber replicas, and I’m also looking to get my hands on some A material original action figures from the ’70s with the card and all.”

Be sure to read the entire interview with Trohman here on starwars.com:
The Rise of Fall Out Boy

Stay tuned for more interviews with your favorite bands and celebrities who love Star Wars as much as you do, in our exclusive series Star Wars Rocks, only on starwars.com.


2 Responses to Fall Out Boy’s Wentz Celebrates Birthday with Star Wars

  1. Shannon Aberle says:

    OMG!! that so cool. i didn’t know that about the title of the movie. and the video was awesome. and and and I have the old 70’s actions still in mint condition. my dad acctually bough tthem when he was young, but never opened most of them. yay. now when my dad gives them to me i can become best friends with joe and be like “ha i have the action figures you want. so boo ya.” and then give them to him because he’d be my bestest friend and becasue he’d take way better care of them and he’s way more passionate about satr wars than i am. though i do come close to his passion. This article just flat out makes me happy. i don;t know why, but it does. fall out boy and star wars are probably two of te greatest things in the whole world. ❤

  2. Jessica Tackett says:

    i’m not a real big fan of star wars but PETE LEWIS KINGSTON WENTZ III is flippen HOT!!!!!!!!! i have the poster of him w/ his shrit off. it’s awsome! i LOVE Fall Out Boy!!!!!!!!!!!


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