Boba Fett: Wedding Crasher? (Updated!)

According to KnoxNews in Tennessee, the Knoxville Convention Center was the site of not only AdventureCon this past weekend, but also a wedding most fans wouldn’t mind attending. The sci-fi and fantasy themed wedding of Jonathan Wollack and Rose Coe included Rebels, HALO soldiers, Mandalorians and other popular costumed characters, but also an appearance by Boba Fett — Jeremy Bulloch himself — in full armor. Check out this news report complete with pics.

Special thanks to for pointing out this item of not news.

Update: Hyperspace blogger Kellilla points us to some great photos here!


5 Responses to Boba Fett: Wedding Crasher? (Updated!)

  1. Thrawn says:

    Now that’s just geeky cool. Oi Mandoa!

  2. bonniegrrl says:

    just for fun type in the key words “star wars wedding” on and you’ll find a LOT more cool home movies of Force-sensitive weddings.

  3. Cool! What on earth do these people have in mind to think about getting married in those funny costumes? Where has all the solemnity of the wedding gone nowadays? Personally, the most that I can go for my wedding if ever costumes are required is to have something that’s Cinderella-themed. But well I’m also thinking about the Marvel characters; I think I’ll look hotter in Wonder Woman’s suit.

  4. Jon Wollack says:

    Wow… cool… that’s MY wedding 🙂 Had the time of my life. Here’s my wife’s site, with alot more pics and info on the wedding


  5. InfraFett says:

    Wow.. this must really have been big. I’m seeing this all over the place. I was one of the people to attend the wedding, btw

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