Webstrip Chatter at Celebration IV

Earlier today at Celebration IV, Joe Corroney, Tom Hodges and myself sat and chatted with Hyperspace members in the Fan Club Lounge. Much of the chatter was about The Clone Wars trailer, which had just debuted that day, but we did turn specifically to the subject of webstrips eventually, and here’s what we had to say.

We’ve got a plan to do two more original webstrips this year. They will be available to everyone — not subscriber exclusive — because the hope is that they’ll reach a wide enough success to warrant doing future installments. I have indeed talked casually to other authors who have expressed interest in doing strips, but right now budget allows for only two more at the moment.

They’ll both start later this summer. One is a Force Unleashed tie-in strip that will include Shaak Ti, illustrated by Tom Hodges. The second is Rookies: Day Long Remembered, illustrated by Joe Corroney.

There has been some interest expressed by an international publisher to print a book version of Reversal of Fortune.

As for What’s the Story, it’s true that the current incarnation of the WTS feature is slated to retire in 2008, but the philosophy behind it — letting fans contribute to the EU — isn’t. Our hope is that there is a more dynamic, interactive way to generate such creativity as opposed to the anonymous ballot method of WTS.


10 Responses to Webstrip Chatter at Celebration IV

  1. ThrawnRocks says:

    Reversal of Fortune published in a book? That would be great for those of us who don’t get Hyperspace. Looking forward to it. The free strips also sound cool, especially The Force Unleashed tie-in.

  2. Stooge says:

    It was great meeting you and the boys — and here’s hopin’ that Reversal of Fortune gets bookified! It’d be fun to read it straight through, minus the clicks.

  3. Eddie says:

    I hope it will see print by an English-languaged publisher… It would be very nice to see the story in print (I printed out all Hyperspace-entries and gleud them into a book myself, but an official one will be even better!!!). If it is successfull, maybe the other original webstrips will see the same treatment?!?

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  5. Impressive, Eddie! πŸ™‚

    An ROF book would be neat, although I’m not sure I’d get it since I can just see it online. But a collection of the whole Evasive Action series–that’d be really cool. πŸ™‚

  6. Anakinfett1138 says:

    The webstrip are free
    the clone wars trailer is free
    the rancho obi-wan is free ???
    WTF for people, like me, who pay ???

  7. Luke Omega says:

    I agree with Anakin Fett.
    We hyperspace members are just getting screwed left and right.

    First off you guys cancel Star Wars Insider, a big part of Hyperspace. And there was no warning either. I wouldn’t have become a member had I known you were going to cancel. I subscribed like a week before the publishing got changed, meaning no Star Wars Insider for me. I better not receive the 39.95 bill for that since I only got the 14.95 stuff (unless you count the two year old SW Insiders they sent trying to cop out “Ohh but you got 6 issues”). Then the webstrips, another one of my favorite things about Hyperspace is now becoming free. The new clone wars trailer is free to anyone. Racho Obi-wan is free now according to Anakin fett, and when was the last time we got a hyperspace only update?

    Rancho obi-free

    What the hell?

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  9. Ivel says:

    when is the shaak ti web strip going to come out?

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