Video: Opening Ceremonies

[splashcast VWEH8307IF]


14 Responses to Video: Opening Ceremonies

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for posting this here because I can’t get the official site’s videos to load for anything.

  2. Chris says:

    Is there are a certain program that is necessary to have the videos open up?

  3. Thrawn says:

    Thanks for the vid!

  4. hydrospanner says:

    George, you should have been there. It would have helped for long fan equity. Thanks for the cake.

  5. Clone124 says:

    you need adobe flash player 9

  6. Tobar says:

    The opening ceremony was awesome! I got TWO pieces of the cake!

  7. MomOf2YoungPadawan (MO2YP) says:

    The opening ceremony was worth the wait! How often do you get to boogie while Jay La’gaia sings, see a real jet-pack in action and get to eat cake with 8,000 people after singing “Happy Birthday” to Star Wars?!?! 😀 The memorial tribute was beautiful as well – I had tears in my eyes. Great job to all who pulled that together -despite the bomb “scare!” :O !

  8. Mrs.Jedi says:

    I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. It was worth the wait in line for over an hour. I am very saddened for those who didn’t get it because of the bombscare. I wouldn’t have minded waiting a bit while those outside were filed in a nother door away from the incident. I had tears in my eyes just because it was such a special event and I was ablet to be a part of it. Sure wish George had a made a special live appearance. Oh, well. Keep working on Indy 4 George! Can’t wait for it.

  9. Jawajoey says:

    Oh how I wish they’d let us in. In fact, I would have liked to been told that it wasn’t canceled. To everyone trapped on the outside, they claimed that the entire building had been evacuated, and they wouldn’t let anyone in.

    To the people who were lucky enough to get in, was there still room? I’m mad at how horribly they handled the situation, but I swear I’ll cry if it turns out they weren’t even full.

  10. MomOf2YoungPadawan (MO2YP) says:

    Yes, Joey…I hate to tell you, but there was plenty of room left. It was actually disappointing to see so many empty seats. I wish I could be there to hand you a tissue right now (((hug)))) But, don’t let that one incident get you down…you enjoyed the rest, right? Just remember what Qui-Gon said…”Your focus determines your reality.” Focus on all the great stuff that happened at C4!!! 😀

  11. Debbie DeVaux says:

    This was my first time at a convention and was lucky enough to attend with my daughter…we and still are in shock! The opening ceremony was spectacular! Thanks for the cake, Star Waes is forever!!!!!

  12. Debbie DeVaux says:

    *we ARE still in shock
    *Star Wars

  13. […] blue because you missed out on eating Star Wars 30th Anniversary cake with a room full of fans at Celebration IV Opening Ceremonies? Well, thanks to an industrious fan, you too can capture that lost moment in time with this oddly […]

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