Simultaneous Debut of The Clone Wars Trailer at Celebration IV and!

Right now, in the Celebration Theater, the first audience to witness the The Clone Wars trailer is filing out. At the same time, has posted the trailer for those who can’t be here to witness it with an audience.

Check it out here!

The Clone Wars

27 Responses to Simultaneous Debut of The Clone Wars Trailer at Celebration IV and!

  1. Thrawn says:

    Very well done. I’m looking forward to it even more now!

  2. Qui-Tom Servo says:

    That was really cool. Any idea when this is slated to hit TV?

  3. Outbound Sith says:

    I can’t agree with myself whether to be psyked or a little underwhelmed. It looks like a continuation of the Clone Wars cartoons, but with game cut scenes-type graphics. And the cut scnes in a computer game are usually über cool, but 30 minutes (or 22 as the case may be) of cut scenes? I dunno…

    In any case I need more info – like when, where and for how long. And whether the episodes might be posted online, so us Europeans don’t have to miss out (or be tempted to break the law)…

  4. Thrawn says:

    It should be a 2008 release, at least according to this:

  5. ment0r says:

    Yeah the trailer is really nice x)

  6. Eddie says:

    Oh man… I am really freakin’ over here!!! Wonderful trailer!!! I hope the new series will air soon (i.e. early 2008 instead of late 2008)!!! And I hope the stories do not conflict with Dark Horse’s Republic!!!

    (I expected this to be the great announcement for this Sunday and even went out and bought a dual clock last Friday: one side reflects my Dutch time, and the other reflects Pacific Daylight Time: I was present at TOS at 11:29!!!

    Oh man, I am really psyched!!! I have seen the future of Star Wars and it feels like a dream come true (new EU-stories on TV!!!!!!)

  7. Qui-Tom Servo says:

    Thanks for the link. This looks good.

  8. Matto says:

    disgusting. an adulteration to the greatest saga of all time. episodes I-III were terrible enough, now why continue to sodomize star wars? lucas is dead to me

  9. General Tarfful says:

    Awesome stuff, Pablo!!! I know some people may question the style, but hey, it’s an artistic choice, and I applaud trying to do something new and inventive or whatever. 🙂 That said, I’m even more excited for the live action show…… but really, this looks great!

    On a slightly different note… any chance we could get an HD version at some point? 😀

  10. Big G says:

    Gotta say…I was thinking something more along the lines of episode 3 through 4…but still…can’t wait!

  11. Well, I’m probably the only m#d@f*k!n looser who didn’t saw it.
    My Firefox 2 web browser wasn’t able to played it completelly.
    I’ll try to see it through the I.E. web browser after all… XXXX!

  12. Dan says:

    Agreed. The new video player sucks balls. I wonder why there isn’t an option for quicktime. I suppose most of us will have to wait until someone rips the flash file and puts it on youtube where it will actually be viewable for everyone.

  13. Clone124 says:

    My friend could not run it till he found out he was missing flash player 9

  14. brand 'em' says:

    The look and feel is like a video game, which I agree with Outbound.
    I would have preferred the style of Clone Wars vols. 1 & 2 … less is more.

    Action looks great though.

    However, Lucas has revoluntionized motion and sound on big screen, and who knows what they’ll do with tv (?).

  15. markomadness says:

    This was the highlight of my Celebration 4 experience. I am 33 and Ep 3 was bittersweet because that meant the end of the saga. (the books are just ok). This CG idea looked/sounded like it had potential and so I wanted to see this panel at C4.

    Amazing. The director – Dave Forloni – is a superfan and can extract what was great about Star Wars 30 yrs ago and today. He was charasmatic and his enthusiasm for the project rubs off.

    Then the trailer. I was at the first showing…and they led us to believe they couldn’t show us a single clip. Then one fan asked for ‘something for the fans’ and the team delivered – twice (they showed the trailer twice). It far exceded my expectations (which are always high). The trailer is on the website, so you can see for yourself…but it should be noted the crowed went berserk, the theater was electric and there was great hope for the franchise at the end of the presentation. Thanks Dave & crew.

  16. Megatrends says:

    The trailer looks great! I saw GL on late Nite w/Conan and he said it would be pg-13 and “mature”. Nice job on this!

    No offense to the kiddies reading this blog.

  17. David says:

    I was at the first showing and the online version does not do it justice. The show will be in HD 16 x 9 aspect fall of 2008. Only complaint is that the whole point of going to the celebration is to get exclusive access and to find out that they debuted the trailer online at the same time is disappointing. I should get at least a couple of days before the rest of the public.

    We are in good hands with this director folks, he gets it and loves the source material as much as we do.

  18. JediShawn says:

    Hey guys, since it will be in HD, does that mean only people with HD service and T.V. will be able to watch it?

    The Clone Wars trailer looks fantastic! I cannot wait until this show comes out.

  19. General Tarfful says:


    I obviously can’t speak for Lucasfilm, and I think a lot of (if not all) the actual broadcast details are still being worked out. That said, I think that with just about all HD content today, there’s a version for those of us who are still watching in regular ol’ standard definition. So I think we’ll be OK. 🙂

  20. Gabe says:

    Looking forward to it! Looks like the next amazing work from Lucasfilm Ltd!

  21. PJ says:

    How the heck does this video play. I have IE7, Flash 9 installed and cannot play the video. There is a black box (I presume that this is a menu) next to an image of the Jedi library with text saying “Please make a selection”. Can someone please help? Thanks!

  22. Kit Fisto says:

    I’m having the same problems trying to watch it too.

    Fortunately, I got to see it at the celebration on the big screen, and it looks INCREDIBLE. I just want to watch it over and over again in my underwear.

  23. Wari says:

    This trailer chilled me to the bone. I’m beginning to develope a fear of some of these characters. They all look so intimidating and realistic. I can’t wait for this to be released so I can cower in a coner somewhere while I watch.

  24. ckanownik says:

    I was also at the first showing and I agree 100% with markomadness and David, especially the part about having it on the website the same time as Celebration. It was definitely the highlight of the weekend!

  25. J.T. says:

    I like starwars beccause it has lightsavers. It has guns. My favorite character is Jango Fett because he can fly with jetpacks and can dodge a lot. My favorite episode is episode 3 because it has Darth Vador. BYE!!!! & love yall!

  26. adde_starwarslover says:

    this video is so cool! when does it get out on TV i must know and i must know the channel?

  27. awesome trailer. i am sooo ready.

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