Fanboy Heaven

What do you get when you add a few dozen Slave Leias on a full-size Jabba the Hutt statue at the Gentle Giant booth? Fanboy heaven… and a fire marshal’s headache.

[splashcast XROM9244WV]

54 Responses to Fanboy Heaven

  1. QueenAmidala says:

    That’s a whole lotta Leia goin’ on!!!

  2. Premonition_45 says:

    A baby Slave Leia? That’s not right at all…

  3. Thrawn says:

    Jabba’s never been happier. 🙂

  4. Premonition_45 says:

    How cool would it have been if Carrie Fisher was there, at the photoshoot?

  5. bonniegrrl says:

    Yeah she wasn’t there. I shot the footage you’re all watchin and I tried my best to squeeze in as many Leias as I could. Seriously, there were LOTS — including Manleias (guys dressed as Leia)!

  6. […] Speaking of Slave Leia — A video of a few dozen ladies dressed in Slave Leia garb surrounding one Jabba the Hutt. […]

  7. […] Ein Jabba und tausend Leias in goldenen Bikinis. In echt, gestern auf der Celebration in LA. Wie nennt man das? Yeah: Fanboy Heaven. […]

  8. TJ says:

    I think its cool that a host from Spike TV and another from G4TV both ended up at celebration in golden bikinis. I’m surprised Rubies hasn’t capitalized off of it and offered an official version. Granted, it wouldn’t be as good, but I could finally convince my fiancee to get one…

  9. sarah says:

    how was it at the celebration?

  10. The Pop View says:

    […] Larry won me over with his enthusiasm. That, and his report of a Captain Jack Sparrow walking by with a Slave Leia in tow. […]

  11. […] den wahren Fan: Die echte Leia im Slave Dress. UPDATE Fan Boy Heaven: Auf der Celebration IV trafen sich dutzende Bikini-Leias bei einer lebensgroßen Jabba-Figur. […]

  12. 433 says:

    What’s up with the pudggy chick in the wrong costume up in the upper-left-hand corner of the group? What is she dressed up as?

  13. Randy Campbell says:

    I was there on Friday with my son…I covered his eyes. The Best Star Wars event I have been at! Can’t wait until the next..The Force is with you all!

  14. dont get it says:

    random hot girls in bikini’s mmm… starwars connection is loose at it its best

  15. […] Ohh man die Party zu 30. Geburtstag der Star Wars Reihe scheint schon etwas skurill gewesen zu sein. Dazu gibt es auch noch einen kleinen Film. […]

  16. eric says:

    check out all those LILFs!

  17. […] Star Wars Celebration IV Blog tr { border: 0px } td { cellborder: 10px} table { border: 1px solid black } […]

  18. Jimmy says:

    It’s call YOUTUBE – you might want to look into it.

    //there’s 15 minutes of my life while I waited for the stupid video to load that I’ll never get back.

  19. […] Fanboy Heaven What do you get when you add a few dozen Slave Leias on a full-size Jabba the Hutt statue at the Gentle Giant booth? […] […]

  20. jj says:

    Was this a competition? Who won?

    What’s up with that blond chick in the center of the vid? Leia was a brunette.

  21. chris says:

    Is that Paris?

    That’s hot

  22. jake says:

    Woah! Is there a Jabbagirl dressed as Leia? 😉

  23. […] of women dressed up as slave woman Princess Leia. YES! Some idiot dresses his 2 year old daughter up as “Slave Girl Leia” as well and chucks […]

  24. xwingblue4 says:

    Behold, Jabba’s harem.

  25. xwingblue4 says:

    433, I believe that is ‘plus-size’ Leia. Jabba likes women of all sizes. (e.g. Yarna)

  26. Gabe says:

    Probably the best piece of video from the convention! For umm, obvious reasons! LOL 😉 Seriously though, I want that Jabba the Hutt!! Too cool!

  27. dario & doser (jose) says:

    one of the best conventions ever for 2 reasons. one is that it is star wars and u know the second answer oviosly.

  28. duncanyoyo1 says:

    Dang, there are some HOT girls there…

  29. Dan says:

    WoW. A Load of Leia’s! Jabba’s Haram of Honey’s. looked like Jabba got one of them pregnent there was a baby leia there!! Girls should not sit on his “Tail”. hehe 😉

  30. Jad says:

    Excellent stuff. I was helping out with Kenny Baker in the autograph area while this was going on. Thanks so much for the chance to check it out!

  31. […] llevaba cuando fue esclavizada por el malvado y viscoso Jabba The Hut. La situación se dio en la Star Wars Celebration (sí, por los 30 años de la saga) en Los Angeles. A continuación el video de la sesión […]

  32. Qumbyht says:

    I heard a 501st trooper actually got hurt (cut under the eye) due to a fool in the crowd elbowing him on the helmet.

    You know I wasn’t in that part of the convention center at that time and I’m glad I wasn’t.

    It was apparently chaos from what I heard from all over the place AND it just added to the whole Gentle Giant Fiasco.

    I hope some people learned their lessons from this scheduled event and that next time the Jabba will be somewhere a little bit more… open.

  33. DJ Ryan says:

    My wife, my daughter and I were at the con and saw this. As this was being organized, I held my head and pretended I was fainting. My wife said “Are you all right?”, and I looked at her with dead seriousness and said “I felt a great disturbance in my pants…”

    She laughed, and then hit me hard several times with a rolled up convention program. Ah, good times.

  34. Lottario says:

    Bellybutton heaven!

  35. […] And a video. I don’t quite know what to say about this one… […]

  36. MP_Willow says:

    Thanks to all the Ladies who had the fortitude to get up and let all of us males gawk at them. AS for the blond that is ok, the baby that was just Wrong!!

  37. Alexandra's Mom! says:

    We are huge Star Wars fans and so is our daughter (Baby Slave Leia). The amount of time and planning that went into her costume was incredible. I can only imagine what it was like for all the adult Leia’s to run around in their skimpy outfits. Alexandra was covered more than any of them. P.S. For all of you criticizing the costume, where were your costumes? Did you even go to Celebration? If not then you aren’t true fans. Every real fan at the convention, loved Baby Slave Leia.

    May the Force Be with You-
    The Ramirez Family aka Real Star Wars Fans

  38. aquaartist007 says:

    I was there that Saturday and missed this feature.. I was standing in line for my autograph of Carrie Fisher for three Hours waiting in line. But I met alot of slane leias at the meeting dance place and that was fun.. The women are so Beutiful we need to have them fashion that at the beaches this year.

  39. tiger says:

    I think jaba the hut…am I saying it right? I think Jaba liked eating his slave girls, so there’s nothing sexual at all about the slave leias.

  40. Nicholas Gay-zorrr (is my Star Wars handle) says:

    There’s something about the whole phenomenon of dressing up as slave Leia that seems both naive and sordid in the wrong ways. Strangely, two different girls I know both asked me to buy them one of those costumes. That is nuts to me. I think it would have been awesome if the giant Jabba came to life and started mechanically eating all the ladies.

    AND A NOTE TO PARENTS: Dressing up your kids in costumes that are sexually degrading and empowering at the same time isn’t cool. A one year old can’t understand post-modern feminist irony.

  41. SFG says:

    You think these are all actual fangirls and not plants from the organizers? Most science fiction fans of either sex aren’t that cutre.

  42. ladyvader says:

    Baby Slave Leia rocks!!!!! How freakin’ cute!!!!

  43. rocker girl says:

    I think baby slave leia rox!!!!!!!!!! she is so cute in her little bikini outfit! rock on baby slave leia!
    p.s. this is your cousin love you.

  44. A Slave Leia from CIV says:

    The baby slave leia was so cute. All of us gals adored her! The male slave leia, well… was another story LOL.

    And to answer your question, none of us were plants or put in the group shot by an organzier. All of us girls love costuming and many of us own more than just the “slave leia” costume. Most of us are members of “Leias Metal Bikini” website, which is run by Jamin. We actually costume as other SW characters such as other Leias and Padme. Hard to believe? But its true…I can vouch for myself and the other girls. we are BIG Star Wars fans!

    MTFBWY! 🙂

  45. 931967fd4889a3c58117e46496d015b4


  46. 'Nother CIV Slave Leia says:

    I was the woman that picked up baby Leia and put her next to me. She was a little freaked out by all the cameras, but she calmed down when she got to sit with the big girls. She was adorable and her mom and grandma worked really hard on the costume.

    Nope, I don’t know of any “plants” in the group photo. I’m a huge sci fi fan and have dressed as comic book characters for other events as well. It’s all great fun and I think all the Leia’s had a great time, even though the crowd was a little maddening.

  47. […] llevaba cuando fue esclavizada por el malvado y viscoso Jabba The Hut. La situación se dio en la Star Wars Celebration (sí, por los 30 años de la saga) en Los Angeles. A continuación el video de la sesión […]

  48. TK7905 says:

    nicholas gay guy or whatever his name is needs to relax. Baby “slave” Leia was the best costume I saw… and if you don’t like the slave Leia costume on a girl maybe there is something wrong with you…

  49. Alexandra's Mom says:

    Hi all just found out that there’s another Slave Leia picture being taken at Comic Con on 07-26 Thursday @ 3pm-the details are at See you there w/my baby slave leia!

  50. Alexandra's Mom says:

    So sorry I forgot to thank everyone for their support and love of Alexandra’s costume! Nother Slave Leia IV you were so helpful to hold the baby. She really liked you. It was a pleasure talking to you at the tatoo show as well. Thanks to Auntie & Cousin for being Star Wars Fans. May the force be with you all. D

  51. […] the Slave Leia Group Photo at Celebration IV? Don’t worry. The lovely ladies will return at Comic-Con for another group photo […]

  52. Yet another CIV Slave Leia says:

    We’ll be back at DragonCon too! 🙂

    BTW. I was sitting next to the Leia holding baby Leia, and the little one was adorable. Great work on her costume!!!!!

    And to my fellow Leia’s at CIV, it was great fun–let’s do it again!!! 🙂

  53. Darlene says:

    Hey there,

    Spreading the word about our show to the Bay Area STAR WARS community.
    Please pass this along to all (Filipino or not!) who may be interested!

    SPEAK OUT, a television talk-show on TFC (The Filipino Channel) is looking for die-hard STAR WARS FANS to participate in an upcoming show called…

    Speak Out
    STAR WARS: Pro-Prequel vs. Anti-Prequel

    We need STAR WARS FANATICS who know their stuff.
    Taping is on Saturday, Sept. 22 in Redwood City, CA

    It’ll be a good time with live music, free food and all the
    STAR WARS discussion you can handle!

    If you or anyone you know is interested in being a panelist or audience guest,
    please contact us:

    Be Heard. Stand Up. SPEAK OUT!

    Check out SPEAK OUT highlights:

    Darlene Sevilla
    Production Coordinator
    ABS-CBN International

  54. Chuck says:

    Several of these Leia bikinis were made by my friend Tomak Baksik. He creates and sells top-quality Leia bikinis and has for some time.

    You can see more about them here:

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